Rightmove Real Time Datafeed

Rightmove Real Time Datafeed

10ninety now supports the Rightmove Real Time Datafeed, which allows you to update your property listings on Rightmove in seconds. Gone are the days of having to wait hours for Rightmove to process your datafeed, now with 10ninety you can see updates to your Rightmove listings take effect almost instantly, all at the click of a button.

With the time taken to list a new property so critical, this major new feature release will allow you to beat your competition and list new properties on Rightmove before anyone else.

The new real time datafeed also allows you to update existing properties, make price changes for example or add new photos, or remove properties, in seconds, direct from your 10ninety system.

We are proud to be one of the few software providers offering this feature, which is available at no extra charge to our clients.

To request a free demo of the 10ninety software and the new Rightmove Real Time feature, click here.