Estate Agent Websites

Free hosting and no monthly charge

We have a number of website theme templates available, the colour scheme and branding of which we would customise to your agency - we can have the site up and running for you within days. Our websites are fully integrated with your 10ninety system, so any changes you make on the system are instantly visible on the website. Free website hosting is included as standard with all of our websites.

Our Theme Templates

Features to help your website stand out from the crowd

These features are included as standard on all themes apart from the Clear theme - they can be added to the Clear theme at any time for the prices listed below.

Google Map Search Results

Google Map Search Results

Give your users the option to view property search results on a Google Map Search as well as the standard list format


Blog Content Management System


Add blog posts to your website to not only encourage return visits from users but also Google, which loves to crawl and index fresh content


User Registration Forms

User Registration Forms

Landlords, Tenants, Vendors and Buyers can register their details on the website and these details are added to your system as well as emailed to you

50 per form

Responsive and mobile friendly

The number of website visitors using mobiles or tablets has now overtaken visitors on desktops. Our responsive estate agent websites scale automatically to the size of the device's screen that they are being viewed on.

Google loves responsive sites

Google recently launched an update to penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly in mobile searches. Make sure you don't lose visitors and potential customers by choosing one of our responsive designs, identified by the responsive icon: Responsive Estate Agent websites

Is your existing website mobile friendly? Test it and see using this tool from Google.

Responsive Estate Agent website

How to proceed with your new website

Just follow the quick, easy steps below and have your new website online in days!

Select your theme

First of all you need to choose the theme for your website. Be sure to select one of our responsive themes if you want it to be tablet and mobile-friendly (highly recommended).

Select your extra features

If you have chosen our Clear theme then select which (if any) extra features you would like to add. These features are included as standard on all of our other themes.

Contact us!

Call us on 020 7193 2844 or contact us online. We will raise an initial invoice for 25% of the total cost, with the remainder due on completion. Your new website will be ready in days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the themes be customised or changes made to the layout?

The theme's colour scheme will be customised to your agency's branding, and the main photo on the homepage updated to suit your agency but the theme is a template and so the page layout and positioning of elements within the layout (e.g. search form or menu location) is fixed. We do not offer further customisations to the template's design or layout.

Can the page heading's be changed or pages added?

Yes we can change the headings of the standard pages of the theme as required, and can add up to 5 additional pages of text content to this standard set of pages. New pages cannot be added via the system CMS.

We're looking for a more bespoke, custom design - is this something you offer?

We don't offer a bespoke design service so you would need to source another developer for this. In order to display your properties on the site we can then set up a data feed to the website which your developers can then import, e.g. using the Property Hive Plugin with Property Import add-on to import a Rightmove BLM or XML format feed if they are building the site in Wordpress.

Who provides the text content for the website?

We would need you to provide the text content for each page of the website. At the point of building the site you can either provide this in a Word document, or you can add it directly onto the site yourself via the CMS within the system. If you have an existing site then we can take the content from that.

Do you offer an SEO service?

No we don't offer an SEO service but can give any company that you contract for this access to the website's files and just the website CMS within your 10ninety system so that they can update page content and page title/meta tags.

If we cancel our 10ninety software subscription what happens to our website?

If you decide to cancel your subscription for the software then we would provide you with a static HTML version of your website files without our code removed that powers the property search and other dynamic elements of the site.

Web developers

Are you having a website built by someone else?

We can integrate with websites built by 3rd-party developers, removing the need for you to enter property details manually onto your new website.

If your developers are building the website using WordPress then they can use the Property Hive Plugin with Property Import add-on to import your properties, in either Rightmove BLM or XML format.

For more information and to discuss the integration options available, please contact us.