Simple, Honest Pricing

One-off set-up fee
Monthly subscription

Optional Extras

Tenant Application Form


A detailed application form for your tenants, allowing you to capture, beyond the tenant's basic details, information such as photo ID, proof of residency and other supporting documentation, employer and referee details, guarantor details and more - all automatically loaded onto your 10ninety system. To view a demo version of this form click here.

£250 one-off set-up fee

Maintenance Reporting Form

Enable your tenants to submit details and photos of maintenance issues from your website. Reported issues are emailed to you and appear on an alert in your 10ninety system, from which a maintenance job can be raised for sending on to a supplier. To find out more click here.


Electronic Signatures

Tenancy agreements, documents and contracts can be sent out via email and signed by the relevant parties electronically, saving everyone time in the process.

£10/month for up to 20 signed documents   £5/month per extra 20

Automations Pack

Let the system save you time through automation automated rent invoicing, late rent reminders, diary reminders and weekly property matches.


SMS Messaging

Send SMS messages from your system - e.g. for overdue rent reminders or viewing confirmations

£10/month + SMS credits from Textmarketer

Social Media Platform

Post properties onto your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts


Custom Templates

You can edit all standard templates, e.g. ASTs, letters, emails, documents, at any time free of charge, or add your own, but if you would like us to do this for you then charges apply

From £25/template

Custom Brochures & Window Cards

If you would prefer a custom brochure or window card design to the ones supplied with your system we can produce these for you

From £100/design

All prices exclude VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes an active property?

An active property is a property that is currently on the market. These properties, combined with the number of active lettings (tenancies) you have on the system, form the total used to calculate your subscription.

What happens when I go over my property total?

Once you have moved into the next band of 100 active properties/lettings your subscription will be increased from your next subscription due date.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. We don't believe in tying our clients into a long contract. Your subscription with us would be on a monthly basis and you can decide to cancel your subscription at any time with one month's notice.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard, and payment is taken from your card when your subscription payment is due each month.

Do you charge per user?

No. We do not charge extra per additional user your add to the system. You can add as many users to the system as you like, and you can add and remove them at any time.

Do you charge per branch?

Yes. The subscription listed above is per branch.

If I choose to cancel, what happens to my data?

If you choose to cancel your subscription with us then you can be provided with a copy of all of your data which you can then take away with you or pass on to your new software supplier.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Upon receipt of the set-up fee and first month's subscription we can have your new 10ninety system set-up within 24 hours and you can start using it straight away.

Do you offer a data migration service?

We can import contact and property marketing data from our own spreadsheet templates. If you are only able to provide this data in a different format we will quote for the work involved to transform this into our spreadsheet formats - this starts from 300 +VAT.

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes we do, with the referring agent receiving a discount from their monthly subscription and the new agent earning a discount on their set-up fee to help them get started. For more information, click here.