New Lettings Management Tutorial Videos


New Lettings Management Tutorial Videos

We often get asked how to make changes to lettings on the system or how to tackle some of the non-standard situations, so we have today uploaded two new lettings management tutorial videos to our YouTube channel, covering some of these topics:

1. Multi-tenant lettings - how to set up lettings with multiple tenants, setting up multiple paying tenants and set-up multiple deposits. The system is very flexible and handles all of these things; by default a letting will be set-up with a single lead tenant paying the full contractual rent but if you have multiple tenants paying separately then no problem. To read the tutorial article for this on our Help Centre and watch the video, click here.

2. Changing the rent payment date - how to set whether rent is due in advance (the default) or in arrears, and also how to change the day of the month that rent is due on, along with how to update the rent schedule accordingly and have the system automatically create a short pro-rated period. Read more and watch the video on our Help Centre here.


To visit our YouTube Channel and watch these, click here.

If you are not yet a customer and would like to find out more about our letting agent software, its extensive lettings management functionality and how it can help your letting agency, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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